Saturday, October 07, 2006

Writing for the project


The written report can be started straight away and you will be expected to continue writing it up outside lesson times.

It must be uploaded to Moodle in stages.

Stage 1: the first 1000 words approx must be uploaded to Moodle by 9am on Mon 3 Dec
Stage 2: the whole 2000 words must be uploaded to Moodle by 9am on Mon 17 Dec
including any changes made to the first part

Stage 1: Discussion of what a TV title sequence involves - this should include points about use of music, graphics and introduction of characters. How can you tell what genre a programme is by its title sequence? You could mention titles sequences aimed at older audiences too.
An analysis of some the childrens TV sequences you looked at - this should allow you to discuss which openings you thought were effective and why. What age group do you think the programme was aimed at and how can you tell?
Some consideration of the target audience of your programme - who is your programme aimed at? Why? How do you intend to make sure it appeals to this audience?
You should also discuss the initial ideas that your group has had - what type of programmes did you think about making? Why? What is your groups final idea for your opening sequence? How did the ideas develop? What planning have you done so far?

Stage 2: The second part of the writing should be an account of your shooting and editing, as well as reflection on the finished product and audience feedback. It should include information about the following:

* Filming techniques that you have used e.g. Stop Motion Animation, Green Screen etc...
* talk about your choice of shots, what worked and what did not
* Justification as to why you have used them
* editing techniques you have used- be precise about the names of effects you have used. Have you used Photoshop to create a title card? if so explain why.
* name some of the techniques you have used (technical terms)
* You should mention your individual contribution to these stages and what exactly you have done

* An evaluation of the finished project, how successful was it? Does it target its audience effectively ?
* An analysis of the title sequence, including music/other sound, titles, mise-en-scene, action, camera, editing
* Some discussion of the feedback your group has had from audiences- in class and on the web

In the last week of the project we will look at the finished work and give all groups some audience feedback for the Evaluation section. Projects will also be available online
and you are encouraged to comment there upon one another’s work.

The project is worth 40% of the AS level. It is the first of two such projects of which you will submit the better of the two as your complete coursework.

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