Saturday, October 07, 2006

Instructions for Kids TV unit

You will produce the titles sequence of a new TV programme aimed at children aged anywhere within the range 5-12 years.

The sequence could include the use of Photoshop and/or iStopMotion and may go on into the opening of the programme itself, though it may not exceed two minutes in total and could be as brief as 30 seconds. The titles sequence itself should be based upon research into existing examples from the genre chosen by your group. Everything must be filmed on the college premises. You will also monitor and record the production process in the writing.

This production will be marked out of 120, with 30 marks for planning, 60 for construction of the products and 30 for the written report. The planning, shooting and editing will be carried out in groups (maximum size four), while the writing will be done individually.

You will work on the project in all media sessions for about three weeks (Nov 19- Dec10) and may additionally book lunchtimes on the machine.

Production deadline: first session for your group in the week of Dec 10 (either Mon 10 or Tue 11).

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